HTTP Server

The HTTP Server provides access to static web pages via HTTP protocol. Its configuration starts with tag HttpServer in OpcUaWebServerModel.xml.

Default Configuration






Configuration Settings

XML tag Description
IP Address IP address bound by the HTTP server
Port Port bound by the HTTP server
MaxConnections Maximum number of simultaneous connections that this server supports.
WebDirectory Root directory. It should have index.html file.
RequestTimeout Time after the TCP connection establishment in milliseconds, that the server waits for the request from the client before closing the connection.
IPLogger   IP Logger registers all IP addresses of the clients that have connected with the server.
  LogFileName Full file name of the log
  MaxLogFileSize Max. count of the log files
  MaxLogFileSize Max. size of the log files in bytes
  MaxIPAge If the client connects to the server several times during this period in milliseconds, only one record is written in the log.
SSL activates (“on”) or deactivates (“off”) the http/https protocol. The SSL tag is optional. If the SSL tag is not available, the http protocol will be used
CSRFile Name of the certificate file. The tag must be specified when the http protocol is switched on
KeyFile Name of the private key file. The tag must be specified when the http protocol is switched on.